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Veterinary Clinic consists of a team of
motivated and qualified professionals. Animal welfare comes first for us

Dr. Caterina Santonocito, medical director of the veterinary clinic

“When I decided to establish Clinica La Veterinaria, I thought of a place that could ease the moment of pain in taking one’s loved one to the doctor.

A place where mutual respect would be conveyed by the Sensitivity with which we would address “our fellow human beings,” I thought of a place where humans and animals could coexist as equals, without supremacy or dominance over each other, where we would show our teeth only to smile, especially in times of sadness and disappointment.

I thought of this place as feminine, as the Kindness of those who help with true Love, as the Mother who nurses her pups, as the Will of those who are willing to Sacrifice, as the Creator Force that does not stop in the face of obstacles,

come la Gioia di VederLi Felici .

Dr. CATERINA SANTONOCITO - Medical Director Clinica La Veterinaria

dogtor cesarillo clinic the veterinary mascot

Dogtor Cesarillo

More charming than George Clooney in E.R., more intuitive and brilliant than Dr. House, DoGtor Cesarillo is multi-skilled in every field and area of veterinary medicine. He receives by appointment but if you drop him a chew he makes himself immediately available.

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