Male dog castration

Male dog neutering is a preventive act to protect your four-legged dog's health that we recommend you perform when he reaches sexual maturity.

Why castrate a male dog?

The motivation for neutering a male dog should be a health problem or a real risk that he may become ill: neutering does NOT solve behavioral problems or attitudes deemed undesirable.

Neutering a male dog is a preventive medical act that greatly reduces the risks of cancerous diseases of the prostate, testicles, and anal glands.
In addition, there are male dogs who are particularly sensitive to the call of female dogs in heat and will scramble to catch up with them, posing a serious risk to their safety.

cane maschio raggiunge femmina in calore castrazione clinica la veterinaria

We recommend neutering in the male dog for:

Prevent the incidence of testicular cancer
reduce the risk of prostate disease
Prevent the occurrence of hormone-based neoplasms
Stopping escape, removal and loss attempts
Curbing competition and conflicts with other males
Avoid isolating it in the presence of females in heat in the house

The male dog does not need to mate:

if you inhibit the reproductive instincts that he will never be able to satisfy, you will certainly make him a more serene, balanced and relaxed dog.Immediately after the neutering surgery (orchiectomy), the dog resumes walking on his paws, and within the next 24 to 48 hours all his physiological functions return to normal.

When a male dog is neutered:

Decrease urine and feces markings in the home
testosterone-induced excitability ceases
you reduce anxiety and reactivity toward other dogs to the benefit of your four-legged friend's serenity but also your own.
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