Dog vaccines

Vaccines prevent your dog from contracting even deadly infectious diseases especially in puppies such as parvovirosis: vaccination is in effect a life-saving practice.

Vaccines for dogs: what are they and when to get them?

The newborn dog enjoys a certain period of protection due to antibodies from the mother’s body.
However, these are antibodies that diminish over time, leaving puppies vulnerable and defenseless against often deadly diseases such as parvovirus viral gastroenteritis.
Parvovirus, like other viral infections, should never be underestimated at any age, and adult dogs are not free from infection.

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That is why our focus on vaccination prophylaxis is maximal and we strongly recommend that all dogs be vaccinated regularly against:

Canine parvovirus

And if necessary, if the dog lives in areas where these other diseases are prevalent, also against:

Bordetella (kennel cough)

Each vaccination plan (first vaccine and subsequent boosters) is customized for each of our little patients.

Polyvalent, trivalent, or single, we opt for the vaccine to be inoculated to the dog based on assessment of lifestyle, age, presence or absence of particular diseases, and if it is a puppy, we also calculate how long it has been in contact with its mother.

When you vaccinate your dog, you really protect him effectively, and if you still have doubts, consider that:

vaccines are safe and the side effects are really zero compared to the benefits
The cost of a vaccine is insignificant compared with the cost of treatment and hospitalization in the event of infection
Vaccines are necessary even on adult dogs that lead predominantly home lives

Vaccinating a dog is always the best choice for the health and well-being of your four-legged friend and for your peace of mind.

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