Cat vaccines

The importance of cat vaccines: the fact that the kitty lives indoors is not sufficient justification for not vaccinating it.

Home life does not protect the cat from contracting life-threatening diseases.

There are very resistant viruses in the outdoor environment, and infection can also occur by indirect contamination of the environment through our clothing or shoes.
So basically, we ourselves can become vectors and unintentionally put our cats in serious danger.

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Vaccinating cats against major diseases is usually enough to avert these inauspicious fatalities and furthermore:

vaccines are safe and the side effects are really zero compared to the benefits
The cost of a vaccine is insignificant compared with the cost of treatment and hospitalization in the event of infection
concretely and really effectively protect your cat's life

Vaccines strongly recommended for cats are those that protect them from:

feline parvovirus
herpes virus

The combination of these cat vaccines is known as trivalent.

Cat vaccination (first vaccine and subsequent booster shots) is customized for each of our little patients, puppy or adult. Trivalent or single, we opt for the vaccine to be inoculated to the cat based on the assessment of the cat's overall health status, lifestyle, and living environment.

Immune coverage should be maintained throughout the cat's life with regular recalls, and it is most important to meet the deadlines between inoculations.
Vaccinating your cat is all about prevention, and prevention always remains the best strategy you can implement to protect her health and your peace of mind.

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