Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics: clinical tests are indispensable for the prevention of diseases in dogs and cats and for making real-time diagnoses

Both hematologic and urinary laboratory checks are a key part of preventive controls but are the most important tool in identifying the origin of a symptom afflicting a dog or cat.

Our facility is equipped with an in-house testing laboratory for routine blood chemistry, hematology, and parasitology tests and rapid tests for FIV-FELV diagnosis.

veterinary clinical laboratory diagnostics

The ability to perform real-time blood tests on site is certainly helpful:

For animals with severe and chronic diseases
For emergency or ER patients perhaps during the night shift, weekends, or holidays
For monitoring inpatients by allowing daily assessment of the evolution of pathology

For more specific tests, we outsource samples to accredited external laboratories that provide us with reports within 24 hours.


serological tests for infectious diseases
culture tests
cytological and histological examinations
typing for cancer diseases

Remember that prevention is one of the main weapons at our disposal to improve the lives of dogs and cats.

For this to happen, even a simple blood, urine or stool sample can provide invaluable information that can make the difference between intervening in time with an appropriate diagnosis and treatment and having to deal with a potentially fatal emergency for your four-legged friend.

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