Abandonment: a dog is for all seasons, including summer. A dog is forever.

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With the arrival of the warm season, there are already those who think of summer vacations by entertaining themselves with the usual ritual questions, “Where do I go on vacation?”, “Do I leave before or after mid-August?”, “Where do I leave the dog?”

Outraged? Unfortunately, it is reality, and unfortunately it is a reality that affects many more people than you can imagine.

According to some estimates, in recent years there have been about 50,000 abandoned dogs in Italy each year, not to mention the pussycats whose share is around 80,000.

They sound crazy, really unthinkable figures, and yet they are true

Truly unthinkable that a man could make such a gesture, and yet it is so. But what drives a person to abandon their animal, to abandon a loyal companion who would never dream of performing such an act against their human friend?

The highest peaks of abandonment occur in summer

Yeah, when you think of vacation: sea, mountain, city or country.

And at that point instead of spending a few minutes in researching those (steadily increasing) facilities, which willingly accept four-legged friends, or thinking about a vacation for Fido and Fuffi in a guesthouse near home as well, for some it is more convenient to give the faithful companion of the winter season, who knows maybe hoping to find him in the area when he returns from vacation.

And, while it is well established that the summer season has the highest dropout rate of animals, around 30 % of the abandonments, manifold can be the causes that drive a man, if one can call those who are guilty of such an act, to abandon an innocent being, guilty only of having loved and trusted the wrong person.

There may be many reasons for abandonment, but none is worthy of justification

Often the problem lies at the source: people choose to get a dog because they are softened by those big puppy eyes and do not think about tomorrow, do not think about the needs and commitment an animal entails (repaid in full by the love it can give).

In many cases the puppy makes a striking gift, but it is not a stuffed animal, and past the moment of cuddles and initial frenzy, who really wants a dog?

The start of the hunting season also marks a peak period in dropouts

For some hunters, the dog is nothing more than a “tool,” and the moment it does not show itself to be particularly suited for its activity there is no point in keeping it.

In recent years, we are, moreover, witnessing abandonments due to the economic crisis that makes it impossible for some people to secure their pets’ livelihoods, “some people” who probably forget that a dog or cat would rather make some sacrifices than be detached from their human companion.

A dog that is a victim of abandonment is a doomed dog most of the time

Life outside the home can and does present multiple risks: from the danger of being run over (especially abandonment on highways poses a serious threat to the dog’s safety and that of motorists), to the abuse by people who do not see eye to eye with a “vagrant” on the street.

Not to mention the risk of aggression from packs of stray dogs that are not always hospitable toward a newcomer to their territory.

An abandoned dog can also die of starvation or heartbreak, already because he has a heart, unlike some humans.

Anyone who abandons a dog is just a cowardly criminal

Abandonment is a felony and is punishable by law by arrest of up to one year and a fine of up to 10,000 euros.
To deter owners from committing the dastardly act of abandonment, registration of the animal by microchip, which can be directly traced back to the owner, is required by law; a deterrent that seems to have helped hinder the phenomenon of abandonment but not eradicate it completely.

Everyone can help save an abandoned dog victim

If you witness an abandonment, it is useful to gather as much information as possible (model and license plate of the car, a short video, or anything that can lead authorities back to identify the criminal) and file a report.

An abandoned dog is immediately recognizable: frightened and disoriented, it looks around in search of attention or in the hope of seeing its human friend come back for it.

It is necessary to refresh him, put him in a safe situation, and report his presence to the traffic police and Animal Rescue for first aid and microchip reading.

Vacation time is the most anticipated time of the year, the time to relax in the company of those you love; so make room in your suitcase for Fido’s bowl.

He would never abandon his human friend, would you?

For microchip reading of an allegedly lost or abandoned dog, know that you can also turn to our facility.

We would also like to remind you that Clinica La Veterinaria is always open h24, every day including holidays and with First Aid service from 8 pm to 8 am.
For the joy of seeing them HAPPY.

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