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The possibility of finding yourself in the office with a dog as a colleague is more likely than you might imagine, especially today, which marks “World Dog Day in the Office.” But do you know the right rules of conduct?

Dogs in the office: the Pet Sitter International (Psi) Association launched a truly pioneering initiative between 1995 and 1996: namely, that employees and office workers be granted the right to bring their dogs with them to the workplace.

The Association, founded in 1994 by Patti J. Moran, has always been noted for its commitment to promoting campaigns and events that benefit animals; it is also involved in the training of accredited pet sitters, now boasting offices and members worldwide.

New colleagues have 4 paws

Take your dog to work day
” (literally Take Your Dog to Work Day).

This is the slogan specially coined to mark International Day Of Dogs In The Office, celebrated worldwide on June 23.

Through the “Take your dog to work day,” Moran wanted to focus on the findings of numerous studies that the presence of one’s pet in the office improves mood, reduces stress and also increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

Dog in the office: benefits for employees i for companies?

Several researches conducted in recent years, including one in 2016 by the Banfield Pet Hospital, have revealed how the presence of a pet in the office, has truly beneficial effects on employees.

In addition to the well-known reduction in stress, greater socialization among colleagues to the benefit of teamwork, and a decrease in guilt about leaving one’s pet at home are noted.

A situation, this one, that entices people to be absent less and stay longer in the workplace, which benefits productivity.

And if we really want to put it bluntly, since productivity is the ultimate goal of every company, perhaps this very reason is driving more and more companies to make room at the desk for Fido.

Indeed, there are many well-known brands around the world that have decided to open the doors of factories and offices to dogs and cats: Nestlé, Purina, Nintendo, Amazon, and Google are among them.

England, the United States and Canada now boast the highest number of Pet Friendly businesses, where bringing your own dog is now an established custom.

A trend that is also increasingly being followed in Italy where some businesses are adapting to be Pet Friendly.

Pet rooms or desk?

Pet Friendly businesses can decide whether to set aside special areas for dogs,“pet rooms,” rooms or gardens set up to accommodate dogs and in which they can roam freely.

Or they can allow dogs to enter the office directly and be welcomed, kept on a leash, next to their human companion’s desk.

Normally dogs are not allowed in certain areas:

  • Areas where employees eat meals
  • In the meeting rooms
  • Inside the bathrooms

Rules of conduct and welfare of the dog

That being said, and assuming your company also joins the initiative, do you know how to manage your dog in the office

Respecting your colleagues’ needs is essential, but respecting your dog’s needs above all is a priority.

  • Check that your dog is up to date with vaccinations.

For his health and well-being, and in anticipation of close encounters with other “fellow” office dogs, it is essential to protect him.

  • Assess your dog’s temperament

If your dog is one who does not like to interact with others, whether people or animals, an office is probably not an ideal place to take him.

  • Get the dog used to the office bit by bit.

Initially take him with you for only half a day so that he can slowly get used to it. If he does not feel comfortable, do not force him.

  • Prepare the office so that it is “dog-proof.”

Remove or place in safe areas poisonous plants, dangerous wires and electric cables. Confine toxic products, materials or cleaners to no-go areas.

  • Respect your coworkers’ spaces and always keep your dog on a leash near you.

Not everyone enjoys contact with animals, and the affectionate exuberance of a dog may be unwelcome to some.

  • Attention is never too much.

Inside rooms where the dog is allowed to roam around without a leash, make sure there are no escape routes or elements of danger.

  • Pack your dog’s work bag.

Carry a bag or backpack with everything your dog may need: bowls, water and food, hygienic bags for droppings, first aid kit for emergencies, medications (in case he or she is suffering from particular medical conditions), spare leash and health booklet.

  • Even the dog has the right to “coffee break.”

Schedule the break in which to take the dog out of the office for his walk.

The office needs order. Keep the space where your pet naps or eats clean, tidy, fragrant and sanitized.

Most importantly, don’t force your colleagues to interact with your dog if they don’t like direct contact with animals.

Please remember that the Staff of The Veterinary Clinic is always available to you: whether you leave on vacation or stay in the office.

Daily, including holidays, with 24-hour emergency service.
For the joy of seeing them HAPPY.

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