Have you found a wild animal injured or in distress?

REGIONAL LAW September 1, 1997, no. 33 (G.U.R.S. Sept. 2, 1997, No. 47)

Title I – General Provisions

Art. 4. Wildlife control operations and interventions, including trapping and culling, shall be carried out by the wildlife departments, which shall do so by means of their own personnel, employees of the Forest Guard Corps, park or reserve guards and other hunting agents employed by public administrations.

Injured or traumatized animals can be temporarily sheltered in very strong boxes, but must be delivered immediately to a wildlife rescue center (Cras) by notifying the State Forestry Department or Provincial Police. Contact 112 (single number for emergencies)

Cras in Sicily:

Strait of Messina Wildlife Recovery Center

Fort Ferraro, San Rizzo Hill
98152 Messina (ME)

Bosco di Ficuzza Wildlife Recovery Center

Via del Bosco, 1
90034 Ficuzza di Corleone (PA)

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