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Earth Day World Clinical Veterinary
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Established on April 22, 1970, to emphasize the need for the conservation of the planet’s natural resources, Earth Day, or Hearth Day, has become a worldwide event that calls to our attention a hitherto unparalleled capacity of human beings: that of devastating any habitat.

Between piles of non-biodegradable garbage everywhere, spills of toxic substances into water, air and soil, reckless deforestation, asphalting as far as the eye can see and cementing even where it cannot, well, man has managed to antagonize the poor and sadly suffering, planet Earth.

We are witnessing an ongoing senseless depletion that is a reflection of the emotional withering of the human species, which is increasingly disconnected and asynchronous with Nature.

And let’s face it: if nature then turns around and responds in the form of climate change, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, some reason has it.

La Terra sta utilizzando i mezzi di cui dispone per riprendersi i suoi spazi e ripristinare gli equilibri che la scelleratezza delle attività umane ha compromesso. 

Catastrophists claim that “humanity deserves extinction,” and after all, having arrived last on Earth, it is evident that the planet for millions of years did not need us.

The Earth tries to get rid of man as one does with parasites, and when it has eradicated us, it will continue to survive without us, as it has always done since time immemorial and since before we began to despoil and plunder it.

Yet, there is still time to try to make peace with the Earth and enact virtuous behaviors that positively affect those around us, directing events and contributing to change.

But it is absolutely urgent to put nature at the center of our concerns and the economy at its service.

To persist in the opposite direction is just a suicidal strategy. But perhaps, not all evil comes to harm.

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