Forest Day: all the reasons to protect them

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International Forest Day: all the reasons to protect them if you care about continuing to live on this planet.

Forests, the ecosystem with the highest level of biodiversity, are home to 80 percent of the living species including animals, plants and insects.

While essential for the survival of the planet, we are destroying them.

It is now well known that sustainable forest management is imperative to combat climate change.

Forests play an essential role in climate regulation, yet they are constantly under threat

Trees and plants absorb about two billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere each year through photosynthesis.

They mitigate the climate by releasing large amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere with a cooling effect on the surrounding environment.

However, despite their vital role in capturing carbon dioxide, forests continue to be degraded and eradicated as a result of political and economic choices that are no longer sustainable.

Deforestation, wildfires, desertification, expansion of urban and agricultural areas are accelerating the loss of biodiversity and exacerbating the already disastrous climate changes underway.

What each of us can do: virtuous behaviors

-Reduce meat consumption

One of the main causes of deforestation is livestock farming, with many trees being cut down to make room for agricultural fields to produce hay, grain and soybean plants for pigs and cattle.

-Supports reforestation projects.

Reforestation or reforestation means the process by which a place that has long been devoid of vegetation is covered with trees and shrubs suitable for that area (usually native species).

-Make environmentally sustainable choices and engage in green friendly behaviors

Recycling, reuse of production materials, use of renewable energy sources: living in an environmentally sustainable way means encouraging the continuous renewal of resources. Avoid waste, limit as much as possible the emission of carbon dioxide and the spreading of pollutants such as plastic.

In summary, then: either eco-sustainability or extinction. You do it.

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