Animal adoptions in shelters: today is national day

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Shelter animal adoptions: the plight of dogs and cats entering shelters is abysmal and inconsolable.

Today marks Shelter Animal Adoption Day: kennels and catteries, no matter how well run, are never happy places.

They are the equivalent of human prisons, institutional sites where those sentenced to a prison term imposed for committing a crime are held.

Unlike humans, however, dogs and cats are almost always imprisoned as blameless, victims of the irresponsible and utilitarian choices of people who have made decisions for them.

Why are shelters overflowing with animals?

People who felt that the kennel was safer than the street, owners unable to handle complicated relationships with the animal, relatives who find themselves inconvenient and unwelcome four-legged legacies, suddenly allergic individuals, evicted overnight, and people forced to expatriate overnight for work reasons.

In short, these are just a few of the most common reasons to blame for the confinement of dogs and cats beyond the bars of a desolate playpen or a miserable cage.

Shelters guard priceless treasures: puppies, the elderly, “imperfect,” misunderstood or unwanted dogs and cats

Have the courage to enter the kennels and meet the gazes of the captive dogs and cats.

You will sense the deep pain of fear, loneliness, anger, resignation.

Answer their whys. They are entitled to it.

Save them: open a box, empty a cage, restore meaning and dignity to their lives.

National shelter adoption day: an opportunity for redemption

Celebrate Adoption Day at shelters by consciously and responsibly choosing to redress an ethical crime, an abuse of power .

Adopting from shelters means giving a second chance to an animal denied the right to life and self-determination by humans.

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