Dog in the office: but is the dog really happy to be there?

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Dog in the office or “Take your dogtoworkday,” literally Take Your Dog to Work: this is the slogan coined to promote and publicize the initiative launched by thePet Sitter International Association between 1995 and 1996.

The proposal was that employees and employees be granted the right to bring their dogs with them to the company workplace.

The presence of dogs an office fosters greater socialization among colleagues to the benefit of teamwork and a decrease in human guilt about leaving their dog at home.

A situation, this one, that entices people to be absent less and stay longer in the workplace, which benefits productivity.

And if we really want to put it bluntly, since productivity is the ultimate goal of every company, perhaps this very reason is driving more and more companies to welcome dogs into their offices.

But beware: the dog’s mental and physical well-being always takes priority over your desire to have the dog with you at work.

It is incumbent on us to responsibly assess whether or not the dog is really comfortable in the office

If your dog is one who does not like to interact with others, whether people or animals, an office is probably not an ideal place to take him.

On the other hand, if he is well socialized, initially take him with you for only half a day.

By doing so, he can slowly get used to the new environment.

Watch his reactions carefully: if you notice discomfort and stress, don’t force him or push him to the bitter end.

In addition, it is essential that the workplace not be a source of stress for the dog, otherwise it is preferable-for its sake-not to bring it.

The farm environment should not be too noisy, and the area dedicated to the animal should be away from crowded or passing places: it must be a safe and quiet space for him, where he can rest undisturbed.

Remember that your dog’s mental and physical well-being always takes priority over your desire to have him or her with you in the office.

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