Have you found an abandoned or lost dog or cat?

For the recovery of stray dogs and cats in the territory, presumably lost or abandoned, the competence lies with the municipality and the report by the citizen must be forwarded to the competent Municipal Police Command, which will activate the recovery procedure.

While waiting for Municipal Police officers to intervene, it is advisable to approach the dog or cat and secure it, cautiously and calmly so as not to frighten it, and check whether it has a tag and/or tattoo on its right thigh or right ear.

In the absence of a tag bearing a phone number or other information to trace the owner, it is necessary to verify the presence of the microchip through the special reader provided by the Municipal Police.

By typing the 15-digit microchip code or tattooed code into the Pet Registry database, one can trace the animal’s registry of origin and find useful numbers or references to turn to in order to track down the owner. Consultation of the database is free.

Microchip verification can also be requested free of charge from any veterinary facility.

With reference to R.L. August 3, 2022, no. 15. Regulations for the protection of animals and prevention of stray animals. (G.U.R. Aug. 5, 2022, No. 35 – S.O. No. 33) Art. 19. Field collection and population control of stray dogs.

1. Any person who finds a stray animal shall report it to the municipal offices, which shall arrange for its removal from the territory and transport to public health facilities or under agreement

What if the Municipal Police respond to you by saying, “It is not within our jurisdiction,” know that: Article 328 of the Criminal Code in the first paragraph punishes the public official or the person in charge of a public service, who unduly refuses an act of his office that, for reasons of justice or public safety, or public order or hygiene and health, Must be accomplished without delay.

Always ask your caller on the phone to qualify (Last Name and Rank) and in case of failure or refusal to take action, immediately report to the Carabinieri, State Police or directly to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Failure to perform official acts is punishable by imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of up to 1,032 euros.